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Charity over holiday gifts

Charity over holiday gifts

New poll shows strong Canadian support for charities

By Denise Faguy
Photo Credit: Pexels - Brett Jordan

Farmers are known for their generosity. Tuesday, November 28, is known as #Giving Tuesday. Will farmers see any differences to their charitable contributions this year?

In a world where economic pressures loom large, Canadians are showcasing a remarkable commitment to charity, even at the cost of their holiday expenses. A recent Ipsos poll, commissioned by CanadaHelps, has brought to light this trend in Canadian philanthropy.

As the holiday season approaches, the traditional surge in expenses is often inevitable. However, 35% of Canadians are choosing to trim their holiday gift budgets rather than cutting back on charitable donations, which only 17% are considering. This decision is pivotal at a time when one in five Canadians relies on charity for essential needs like food, shelter, and health services.

The poll also revealed current giving patterns. While 27% of Canadians admit to not contributing financially to charities, a hopeful 39% plan to maintain their last year's donation levels. Interestingly, 15% expect to increase their contributions, despite 19% anticipating a decrease in their charitable giving.

Physical health charities top the interest list for Canadians, with nearly half prioritizing causes such as cancer and heart disease. Mental health and food insecurity follow closely.

However, there is a noticeable decline in volunteerism, with 66% of Canadians not volunteering in the past six months.

The spirit of giving is being passed down to the younger generation. About 71% of parents are discussing the importance of charitable giving with their children, a practice that fosters empathy and social responsibility from a young age.

CanadaHelps, playing a pivotal role in this narrative, offers a platform for Canadians to discover and support various charities. Since 2000, it has facilitated over $2.8 billion in donations.

As economic challenges persist, the Canadian spirit of giving remains unwavering. This Ipsos poll not only reflects current trends in charitable giving but also underscores the importance of community support in trying times.

Many farming families prefer to donate to agriculture related charities, if you are looking for some suggestions, we have compiled a list of Canadian ag charities below.

If you have suggestions of charities to add to the list, be sure to send  an email to Denise Faguy, and we will do our best to update the list.

Canadian Ag Charities:

  1. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Canada - helping refugees and displaced people.
  2. Canadian Farmers with Disabilities Registry: Supports farmers with disabilities by providing entrepreneurship information and helping them connect with similar producers.
  3. Agriculture in the Classroom: Promotes agriculture in Canadian classrooms by developing school curriculums that include agriculture and industry awareness.
  4. Food for the Hungry Canada: Food for the Hungry works to end poverty one community at a time.
  5. Plan Canada: while not really an agriculture specific charity, Plan Canada offers many agriculture-related Gifts of Hope donations such as livestock, community gardens, and bees
  6. Canadian Foodgrains Bank: A partnership of churches and related agencies working to end hunger in developing countries.
  7. SHARE Agriculture Foundation: Provides Central and South American communities with agricultural funding, guidance, and expertise.
  8. Farm Radio International: Works with radio broadcasters to improve food security and agricultural production with farmers in Africa.
  9. Youth Education Farms Society: Provides agricultural education projects for children in Swaziland.
  10. Farm Africa: This charity aids African farmers in boosting harvests and creating value-added products to nourish their communities.
  11. Do More Ag: champions for the mental wellbeing of those in the Canadian agriculture industry and are changing the culture of Agriculture to one where all are encouraged, supported and empowered to take care of their mental wellbeing. 

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