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Farmers gain new weapon in fight against pests

Nutrien Ag solutions acquires biocontrol technology


Nutrien Ag Solutions has recently expanded its agricultural technology portfolio by acquiring the AgroScience division of Suncor Energy, which includes a range of patented and pending biocontrol technologies. This strategic move is part of Nutrien’s commitment to fostering sustainable agricultural practices through innovative solutions.

The centerpiece of this acquisition is a chlorin-based photosensitizer technology, a pioneering approach in the field of integrated pest management (IPM).

This technology represents a significant advancement in biocontrol, providing an alternative to traditional synthetic pesticides, and is expected to set new standards in terms of efficacy, stability, and economic viability.

According to Casey McDaniel, Vice President of Loveland Products, this acquisition will enhance Loveland Product’s ability to deliver a broader spectrum of solutions designed to improve crop yields and operational efficiency while supporting sustainable farming practices.

Nutrien Ag Solutions plans to introduce these chlorin-based formulations to selected global markets by 2025 and is preparing for regulatory approval in the U.S. by 2026.

These products will be marketed under the Loveland Products brand, further solidifying Nutrien’s position as a leader in sustainable agricultural solutions.

The initiative reflects Nutrien’s ongoing commitment to innovation in agricultural sciences, particularly in developing biological products that can play a crucial role in sustainable agriculture and help farmers achieve better yields and efficiency.

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