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New Law Promises Better Internet for Rural Canadians

New Law Promises Better Internet for Rural Canadians

Bill C-288 to Enhance Internet Service Transparency

By Denise Faguy

The Canadian Parliament has passed Bill C-288, a crucial act that amends the Telecommunications Act to enhance transparency in broadband service reporting.

This bill, passed on June 7, mandates Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide accurate and detailed reports on broadband network performance during peak usage periods.

This change is particularly important for rural Canadians, who have long felt underserved by the internet services available to them.

The new legislation, introduced by Dan Mazier, Conservative Shadow Minister for Rural Economic Development and Connectivity, is designed to arm consumers with the necessary information to make informed decisions when choosing their internet service provider.

Up until now, ISPs often advertised maximum theoretical speeds, which could be misleading since the speeds users experience, especially during peak times, are frequently lower.

Dan Mazier, in his statement, emphasized the disparity in service that rural Canadians experience compared to advertised speeds. “For too long, Canadians have been purchasing internet services at sky-high prices only to realize the quality and speed they expected to receive is nowhere near what they actually receive,” Mazier noted.

He further highlighted that this bill would foster greater competition among ISPs and lead to improvements in service quality across the board.

Bill C-288’s requirements for ISPs to report actual speed data will not only facilitate better consumer choices but are also expected to drive ISPs to enhance their service quality to remain competitive.

The bill addresses a crucial gap in consumer protection where lack of clear information often led to dissatisfaction and overpayment for services that did not meet expectations.

The passage of this bill is a win for transparency and a significant step forward in ensuring that all Canadians, particularly those in rural areas, can access reliable and fair internet services.

As this bill comes into effect, it will likely reshape the landscape of how internet services are marketed and delivered across Canada, setting a new standard for honesty and consumer respect in the broadband industry.


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