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Shaping Ag leaders at NFU cooperative conference


The National Farmers Union's (NFU) dedication to fostering the next wave of agricultural innovation was on full display at their College Conference on Cooperatives (CCOC) in Minneapolis. The event, aimed at college students and educators, provided a platform for 76 attendees to immerse themselves in the cooperative business model that has long supported American agriculture. 

During the conference, participants engaged with a variety of cooperative leaders and farmers, gaining valuable insights into the sector's dynamics. Notable cooperatives and organizations, such as the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and Organic Valley, shared their experiences, highlighting the potential for cooperatives to drive economic growth and sustainability in both rural and urban communities. 

Field trips to local cooperatives, including the Riverton Housing Co-op and MY Credit Union, complemented the theoretical discussions, offering students a hands-on understanding of cooperative operations and community impact. 

The CCOC, supported by premier sponsors like the CHS Foundation and bolstered by the NFU Foundation's efforts, reflects the NFU's ongoing commitment to its foundational principles of education and cooperation.  

The conference not only provides educational opportunities but also encourages civic engagement among America’s future agricultural leaders, promoting a cooperative model that values economic prosperity and social justice for farm families and their communities. 

With initiatives like the CCOC, the NFU continues to play a crucial role in educating and inspiring a new generation to carry forward the cooperative legacy, ensuring a resilient and equitable future for American agriculture.

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