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Update: bovine TB investigation crosses province borders

The CFIA has quarantined two Saskatchewan farms

By Jennifer Jackson

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) extended their bovine tuberculosis (TB) investigation into southern Saskatchewan.

In late September, the USDA confirmed bovine TB was found in an Alberta cow. Since then, the CFIA quarantined 33 farms in Alberta. The agency has now has added two Saskatchewan farms to the list.

The CFIA extended its quarantine out of Alberta in effort to trace back the past five years of movement of the affected cow. The agency website says the investigation and livestock testing could take several months.

The CFIA quarantined the farms in Saskatchewan because of their ties to the ongoing investigation in Alberta, Chad McPherson, spokesperson for the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association, told CTV.

“There’s minimal risk to other herds,” MacPherson. “The disease is spread through contact with other animals, so if there is any risk, the CFIA would identify that in their trace-back process.”

The CFIA warns that as the investigation continues, related farms in the trace-back will be quarantined or controlled.

Cattle farmers can visit the CFIA website for more information.

Previous coverage of the investigation can be found in a Nov. 2 article. is awaiting CFIA’s comment on the extended investigation. 


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