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Ag Critic "Cautiously Optimistic" About Transport Regulation Phase In For Cattle Industry

The federal government's granted the cattle industry a two year phase in period to adjust to new animal transportation regulations coming into effect in February 2020.
The proposed new regulations would reduce the time in transport, allowed for cattle from the current 48 hours to a maximum of 36 hours that cattle could go without feed, water and rest.
This raised concern for the beef industry, citing concerns such as more loading and unloading for rest stops will likely increase the animals' stress and chance for injury, and the lack of rest stop infrastructure.
Conservative Agriculture Critic John Barlow says during this two year period, he hopes the Liberal Government will see the new regulations are not necessary, and go with science-based regulations.
"I hope they take a look at all the data that's out there," Barlow said. "But certainly from industry and transportation records in the past that have shown there is no animal health issues when it comes to transportation. There's been no out cry for this from industry or stakeholders. Certainly, maybe from activists, but there's no data or no proof to back up these changes."
Barlow says looking at the Liberal's track record over the past four years with front-of-package labeling, the Canada Food Guide, and the transportation regulations, the feedback from agriculture stakeholders doesn't seem to hold the same weight as activists.
He says Agriculture Minister, Marie-Claude Bibeau, wants to take a look at the data when it's done, and hopes she will take it to heart.
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