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AGCO & Trimble Close Joint Venture, Form PTx Trimble

AGCO and Trimble today announced the closing of their joint venture (JV) transaction. The JV, known as PTx Trimble, combines Trimble's precision agriculture business and AGCO's JCA Technologies to form a new company that will better serve farmers with factory fit and retrofit applications in the mixed-fleet precision agriculture market.

AGCO has acquired an 85% stake in PTx Trimble, and Trimble will hold a 15% stake. Going forward, the PTx Trimble JV will be consolidated into AGCO's financial statements.

"Farmers worldwide need technologies that support them to be more productive and profitable while minimizing the environmental impact of their operations," said Eric Hansotia, AGCO's Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. "PTx Trimble will provide farmers greater access to next-generation precision ag tools, no matter what brands of tractors and implements they operate."

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