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Agri-Inject Introduces Versatile Omni Mister Mist’r®

Agri-Inject has introduced what may be the most versatile, and durable, member of the Mister Mist’r lineup of fluid injection check valves. The new Omni Mister Mist’r is designed to deliver consistent product injection in a wide variety of applications.
Manufactured of glass-filled PVDF and featuring a Viton® seal and Hastelloy C spring, the Omni Mister Mist’r will stand up to virtually any chemical used in agricultural and many industrial injection settings.
The Omni Mister Mist’r fits both ½” and ¾” threaded pipe inlets, though the ¾” option is recommended for pipes 2.5” in diameter and above. The versatile Omni also offers two input options—a ½” male thread and a ¼” female thread, to accommodate either the Agri-Inject Ultra Bleeder or Classic Bleeder valve. (View a video highlighting the features of the Omni Mister Mist’r at It provides 15 pounds of backpressure, thus functioning as a federal and state approved agricultural injection check valve, and can handle injection rates up to 55 gallons per hour.
Of course, the Omni Mister Mist’r incorporates all the other benefits that make the Mister Mist’r product line unique. Most notable is the four-way spray design, which essentially atomizes the injected product and evenly distributes it into the water flow. Because the injection point resides within the pipe, moving parts are continually cleaned by the flowing water, ensuring a longer operating life.
If you’re looking for an injection check valve that you can feel confident using in just about every situation, the Omni Mister Mist’r is a great choice.
Source : Agri-Inject

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