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Biotech corn ban faces US-Mexico dispute

There's a big disagreement between the U.S. and Mexico, and it's all about corn. Specifically, the kind of corn that's made using science and technology. The U.S. is not happy about Mexico's decision to not buy certain types of American corn. 

This corn, made with the help of biotechnology, uses a special ingredient called glyphosate. In 2023, Mexico said they won't buy white corn of this kind from the U.S. However, they'll keep buying yellow corn until they can find something else. 

The U.S. doesn't think this is fair. They believe that Mexico's decision is not based on real science. The two countries have been talking about this problem, with more serious talks starting last year. 

But talking time is over. Since they couldn't agree, a special group called a dispute panel will now investigate this. This group will listen to both countries and then decide what's right. But we might have to wait until 2024 to hear what they think. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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