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CASA Releases Farmer Health Insurance Availability Report

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) has released a first-of-its-kind report examining health and disability insurance available to Canadian farmers.

The report underscores the availability of health insurance through both provincial farm organizations and from insurance carriers.

“The report was commissioned in order to gain a better understanding of what insurance farmers can access and identify any gaps in that insurance,” says Marcel Hacault, CASA’s Executive Director. “We were surprised to find that insurance plans are readily available to farmers through farm groups and other means.”

Nearly all provincial farm organizations across Canada offer health insurance plans to their members. The report also details the uptake of the provincial farm health insurance plans to be fairly low, from as much as 5% of members, to as low as under 1%. Hacault says these numbers are comparable to other small businesses.

Other highlights of the report include:

- Mental health insurance coverage is a significant unmet need.
- Disability insurance is needed but is undervalued by farmers.
- Disability plans and workers compensation plans may have limitations for farmers.

The executive summary is available at

Source : Steinbachonline

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