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Cattle Prices Remain Positive

Cattle prices remain positive.

Brian Perillat is a senior analyst with Canfax.

"It's been pretty positive for the most part, cattle markets holding up pretty good. Usually into the springtime, sometimes we see a little bit of pressure on the fed cattle market, fat prices...but they've been holding fully steady. U.S. market is at some of the highest prices it's been at all year, which is not usual for June. Really good beef demand...fed market's holding up well. Feed lots making a little bit of money right now."

He commented on the drought situation.

"We had a bit of relief but some heat and not getting continuous rain. We've seen quite a few pairs come to town, even seen at auctions, a few places try to split some pairs off. There's not enough demand, which is a little bit early for that. If you've got grass or there's some buys out there, the market is a little bit tough that way. Also seeing yearlings come into market. Maybe guys trying to manage their grass, keep their grass for their cow heard and shipping some yearlings a little bit earlier than they normally do."

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