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Competition Bureau Agrees to Examine Gasoline Prices in Northwestern Ontario

In response to a written request by Greg Rickford, Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines, the Canadian Competition Bureau will examine retail gasoline prices in northwestern Ontario.
On November 30, Minister Rickford drew the Bureau's attention to evidence that gasoline prices in northwestern Ontario did not decrease as they did in the rest of Ontario when the cap-and-trade carbon tax was cancelled. The Bureau has indicated it will consider the data around wholesale and retail gasoline prices and margins included with the Minister's letter. In addition, the Bureau intends to gather further data and contact industry participants for more information, as required.
Minister Rickford welcomed the Bureau's intent to review this question of basic fairness, as Ontario's government for the people continues to fight to make life more affordable for everyday Ontarians.
"I'm pleased that the Competition Bureau shares my concerns about pricing practices in northwestern Ontario and is taking steps to look into this matter further", said Minister Rickford. "I'm also encouraged to hear that cracking down on anti-competitive conduct in the gasoline sector remains a priority for them. All Ontarians deserve fair gasoline and diesel prices."
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