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Conservative Party Ready To Work With Farmer's

The Federal Conservative's Agriculture Critic says they want to work with farmers to get through this difficult time of market uncertainty.
Luc Berthold says if elected, Party Leader Andrew Scheer will convene a meeting with farm groups just after the election to assess the damage and determine how to help producers.
“We are facing geo-political tension, we are facing trade war, we are facing China, we are facing a lot of things. Unfortunately, for the last year the Trudeau government didn’t do nothing about it.”
Berthold says they'll also work with provinces and farmers to make AgriStability more simple, predictable and timely.
He notes if elected, they'll postpone new Animal Transportation Regulations until they conduct a review.
The amendments announced earlier this year requiring more loading and unloading for rest stops raised concerns among beef producers saying this will increase the animal's stress and chance of injury.
Berthold says they will wait for the whole study the government is conducting.
“We know that we will have science based study delivered in less than one year. So, why aren’t we waiting for this study to take the right decision.” Berthold says they'll also apply to update Canada’s B-S-E status from controlled to negligible risk in 2020 to help beef producers grow their market share.
Overall, he agrees Agriculture is not getting the attention it needs in this election.
Berthold says the Ag Leaders Debate was never picked up by National Media, but it's an important issue for him on the campaign trail.
“I’m always talking about Agriculture, I’m always talking about farmers. Unfortunately, I don’t have the listening I should have received from all the media but be sure that the Conservative Party will continue to talk about Agriculture.”
Berthold says if elected, the Conservatives will be scraping the carbon tax.
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