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CULT Food Science Affiliate Produces its First Cell-Based Collagen

an innovative investment platform with an exclusive focus on cellular agriculture that is advancing the development of novel technologies to provide a sustainable, environmental, and ethical solution to the global factory farming and aquaculture crises, is pleased to announce that its affiliate, Jellatech Inc.

("Jellatech"), has achieved a major milestone in creating and producing its first cell-based collagen product. Jellatech is a biotech start-up company that is dedicated to producing animal-free collagen in a sustainable manner.

After two years of research and development, Jellatech has successfully developed full-length, triple-helical and functional collagen made from its own proprietary cell lines. CULT's affiliate has worked to produce collagen that is bio-identical to native collagen but does not require the use of animals in its production.

The production of cell-based collagen is a significant advancement for Jellatech, as sustainability and ethical production are a strategic priority for the venture. CULT's investment in Jellatech in early 2022 is proving to be fruitful as the start-up continues to evolve in the direction of its corporate vision.

Traditional collagen is produced by boiling and processing cow hides and bones and is widely used in a range of industries.1 Given collagen's universal demand and variety of uses, sustainable alternatives to its sourcing and production are much needed.1 The cellular agriculture industry, as a whole, is aiming to replace major aspects of the animal farming industry, including the production of cultivated meat and by-products like collagen.

The importance of collaborations between CULT and Jellatech are key success factors in the cellular agriculture industry in order to permanently improve the global food system.

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