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Farm Service Manager evolves for international market

FARM Service Manager – a new smartphone and tablet application developed by an Australian farmer to help farmers, applicators and contractors, to manage the service and maintenance history of their equipment and vehicles – continues to evolve and is now available in 13 different languages with a number of new features.
The app allows users such as the farmer themselves, their employees, a mechanic, or a machinery dealer, to log services and other maintenance records for farm plant, equipment and vehicles from tractors and harvesters through to planters, cars, trucks and small motors.
Once the service or maintenance job has been completed and logged in the app, the farm equipment owner can download a detailed account of what type of work has been conducted, the parts used and how many hours or miles were on the machine at the time.
The app has different levels of access. The farm owner or contractor can invite and manage operators, add and delete machinery, share service records and export a full PDF service history of each machine, piece of equipment or vehicle.
Invited operators can log service and maintenance records in the app from wherever they are.
One of the new features of the app is the Daily Inspection function, allowing machinery and vehicle operators to fill in a checklist which includes fluid levels, wheel and tire checks, leaks or damage, and the general condition of the machine.
It also requires the user to input post start-up data such as fuel level, oil pressure, and mileage or hours. This mileage or hours reading can be used to set a notification for the next service interval within the app, without the need for expensive telemetry.
Any notes or issues relevant to the inspection can be captured in the app and a full report emailed to the farm machinery owner, or team member.
Farm Service Manager developer David Ricardo says the app makes daily inspections – an integral part of machinery maintenance – an easy task.
“As an employer, farmers have an obligation to ensure the machinery their employees are operating is safe,” he said.
“Defective machinery has the potential to endanger lives. In the event of an accident involving machinery, work health and safety authorities will want access to maintenance records, which should include daily maintenance checks.
“Daily inspections can also prevent small issues from becoming larger ones, protecting the significant investment farmers have made in their machinery.”
Farm Service Manager is now more accessible than ever to farmers across the globe, available in Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Polish, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian, Dutch and Hindi.
This comes on the back of the app’s success in Australia which has seen more than a thousand farmers across the country using the app, most on a daily basis, since its release in August 2018.
“Farmers are telling me they see great value in Farm Service Manager as it helps lift productivity, keeping accurate service records and forward planning,” David said.
“This can only benefit them in the long-run. A well-maintained machine will not only ensure that it runs at peak performance whenever it is required, but it will also have a higher resale value when it comes time to change it over. A full service history can be emailed to a prospective buyer giving them more confidence to buy your machine” he said.
“Farm Service Manager continues to evolve, and we will keep modifying the app to suit a variety of enterprises and operations worldwide.”
Farm Service Manager is available on the App Store or Google Play.
More information is available at
To download the app visit:
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