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Grazing Cattle On High-Value Land

An agriculture development advisor says with the rising cost of land, one of the biggest challenges Canadian beef producers face is land use.
Barry Potter is with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and said using innovative infrastructure on pastures helps producers better manage their high-valued acres when grazing cattle.
"Fencing has changed dramatically in the last few years with the advent of electric fencing and better fencers for high power, so making use of high tensile electric fence, innovative fence posts, and the high power fencers will make fencing, building the fence and then moving the fence effectively much easier."
Potter will moderate a panel at the Canadian Beef Industry Conference coming up August 14th to 16th in London, Ontario.
Two producers will also speak about the challenges they have faced in better utilizing beef cattle on their pastures.
"One will show how using livestock on high priced land can pay as a competitor to cash cropping, most of the neighbors are cash cropping," said Potter.  "The second one will look at how taking land that is forested, clearing it, establishing it for livestock and fencing it will also pay as a comparison to other alternatives."
Source : Steinbachonline