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Lactalis Canada to Expand Plant-Based Offering with New Converted Production Facility in Sudbury, Ontario

TORONTO,- Lactalis Canada, the Canadian dairy leader behind iconic brands like Cracker Barrel, Black Diamond, Balderson, Astro and Lactantia and a subsidiary of France-based Lactalis Group, is pleased to announce that the company will be expanding its plant-based product offering with its existing Sudbury, Ontario plant converted into a modern, dedicated plant-based production facility over the coming months.

Complementing the company's wide range of popular, high-quality, nutritious dairy products, Lactalis Canada's expansion in this category will grow the company's plant-based offering which currently includes products such as Sensational Soy, Lactantia margarine and siggi's coconut-based yogourt alternative.

"While our core business is dairy, as an innovation leader and as demonstrated by our forthcoming expansion into plant-based, we are constantly following the consumer and continually seeking opportunities to innovate and respond to the market," said Mark Taylor, President & CEO, Lactalis Canada. "Our purpose is to enrich and nurture the lives of Canadians and this holds the same for our new offering which will provide consumers with complementary high-quality plant-based products that will benefit from our current capacity and capabilities as well as our rich and long-standing dairy expertise."

This announcement follows Lactalis Canada's decision to cease milk processing and packaging at its Sudbury, Ontario plant effective September 30, 2022. This is the result of long-term volume decline and increased costs in the fluid milk market in Ontario that have led to decreased profitability and economic sustainability of Lactalis Canada's fluid operations in Sudbury.

As an important member of the Sudbury community and a major economic and social contributor to the region, Lactalis Canada will continue to operate its refrigerated warehouse in Sudbury and will retain majority of its workforce during the transition period and for its new production facility with anticipated additional employment opportunities with future growth.

"We assure all consumers and customers that there will be no disruption to product supply or service as milk processing from Sudbury will transfer to Lactalis Canada's other fluid plants in Ontario and Quebec," added Taylor. "Dairy will always remain an essential and economical part of a balanced, healthy diet and as such, we are committed to continuing to make products that are available and accessible for all Canadians."

More details on Lactalis Canada's forthcoming expansion and product offering will be announced in the coming months.

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