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Mexico Will Now Allow Citizens to come to Canada to Work

Mexico is once again allowing its citizens to travel to Canada as migrant workers this summer.
That decision comes despite the fact, another migrant worker from that country has died from COVID 19 while working on a farm in Ontario. He was a 55 year old man and a father of four. He'd been coming to Ontario for a decade to help plant and harvest crops every summer. The farm he was working on, currently has more than 200 active cases of the virus. Ontario premier Doug Ford spoke with reporters about the ongoing situation with Ontario's farms, saying he's becoming increasingly frustrated.  "What we really need to do is very clear. I have got to emphasize, there is no secret, I love the farmers but they have to help us.  Farmers are not cooperating and sending out the people to get tested.  It's good for the farmers, good for the workers, good for the food supply chain."
Due to the farmers not sending their foreign workers out for testing, it has affected the region.  Windsor and the surrounding area has been slowed in their relaunch due to the number of cases in the farming area around the city.  This has a major effect on local businesses as they cannot operate like a similar business anywhere else in Ontario.  
Canada's chief medical health officer, Dr. Teresa Tam says the two-week quarantines for temporary foreign workers have been working, but the cramped quarters in which workers live leads to quick spread of any virus. It's similar to what happened at two of Alberta's meat packing plants this spring.
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