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What Should You Look For In A Scraper Tractor?

What Should You Look For In A Scraper Tractor?

On the jobsite, efficiency and productivity reign supreme. Every piece of equipment needs to be operating at peak performance, and nothing needs to have the ability to accomplish more in a day than a scraper tractor.

A scraper tractor is a vital piece of equipment on any jobsite because it allows one operator to accomplish many tasks. With a scraper tractor, operations can pull, spread, load and pack more each day leading to lower operational costs and higher performance.

In an environment where productivity and efficiency reign supreme, scraper tractors need to do it all. Each tractor needs to offer the perfect balance of power and durability along with the versatility to handle low-speed loading, high-speed roading and everything in between. If you’re looking to achieve peak efficiency, a scraper tractor like Steiger™ is the key to achieving more throughout your jobsite.

More Power To Tackle Serious Earthmoving

The more earth moved in a day, the more efficiency increases and the faster an operation reaches profitability. In the middle of a job, you can’t afford unexpected downtime from your equipment. Scraper tractors need the horsepower to power through all types of terrain including steep inclines and sinking mud pits. The Steiger is designed to transfer the power directly to the ground and to the scrape?r they are pulling with no engine regeneration, which allow operators to spend more time working and less time sitting on the jobsite.

More Choices For Unmatched Efficiencies

Some scraper tractors offer a range of transmission options to best fit your operation. Innovative transmission technology will automatically select the most efficient transmission range once the operator sets the desired speed and provide continuous hydraulic flow to ensure all power is transferred and not dispersed. While tried and true powershift transmissions provide reliably smooth and quick shifting ability to reduce operator fatigue. Many scraper tractors will give you an option of dual wheels or tracks. Dual wheels are the best choice for maximum scraper pulling power, but tracks are the right choice for fleets that need to power through deep mud and difficult terrain.

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