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Sheep Farming Vlog: Nothing Is Ever Black Or White!

Jun 07, 2023

Video: Sheep Farming Vlog: Nothing Is Ever Black Or White!

Today at Ewetopia Farms, we address a few comments on issues that may seem straightforward on the farm, but rarely is anything ever black or white. Today is also the day we ship our sheep to western Canada. So we show you how we mark the lambs for identification and loading them onto the trailer.

Sheep and sheep farming is our passion and we hope that the love we have for what we do is obvious to you the viewers. Our operation is a large scale, registered Suffolk and Poll Dorset sheep farm combining the best of pasture and confinement to manage the flock for maximum comfort, minimal stress, and producing a consistent, very high quality product. Our focus is on providing breeding stock for sale to other sheep producers. All our sheep are treated with the utmost compassion which I think will become evident as you join us on our daily rounds on our working sheep farm in eastern Ontario, Canada.

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