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AWCA 2020 West: Why Lauren Sergy Recommends This Conference

Feb 19, 2020

Video: AWCA 2020 West: Why Lauren Sergy Recommends This Conference

Lauren Sergy, Communication and Public Speaking Expert from Up Front Communication will share her presentation "Secrets of Persuasion" with our delegates at the Calgary March 23 & 24, 2020 conference. Persuasiveness can sometimes carry a lot of baggage: we all want to be able to persuade others, but many of us find it hard to pin down what persuasiveness actually is, while others are worried that they’ll need to use tactics that feel too aggressive. Get ready to bust through those myths and dial up your own persuasiveness by discovering the secrets and strategies for influencing and changing minds through connection, collaboration and authentic relationships.

As a public speaking and communication expert, Lauren Sergy has helped thousands of people become more effective leaders by developing critical communication skills such as persuasion, presentation, and executive presence. Known for her highly practical and inter-disciplinary approach, Lauren tackles tough speaking and communication issues with refreshing humor and candor. Be sure to register to catch this engaging presentation!