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Oklahoma city braces for LMA convention and auctioneer championship


The Oklahoma City livestock industry is gearing up for a major event. The 2024 LMA Convention, hosted by the Livestock Marketing Association (LMA), takes place from June 12th to 15th. This three-day gathering brings together a diverse group of professionals, including livestock auction market operators, dealers, and auctioneers.

The convention offers a valuable platform for business meetings, industry discussions, and a trade show. Attendees can network, learn about current trends, and explore new products and services.

The main attraction is undoubtedly the World Livestock Auctioneer Championship (WLAC), celebrating its 60th year. This prestigious competition features 31 talented auctioneers from across North America vying for the coveted champion title.

"This is a showcase of top-tier talent," emphasizes Ben Hale. This year's event coincides with a favorable market for cattle prices, making it a perfect time for the WLAC. Live cattle will be auctioned during the competition, providing a real-world setting for the auctioneers to demonstrate their skills.

"We're thrilled to host everyone and showcase the skills of our auctioneers at the historic Oklahoma National Stockyards," concludes Hale, referring to the venue for the WLAC.

The LMA Convention promises a unique blend of business, education, and high-stakes competition, making it a must-attend event for anyone involved in the livestock industry.

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