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Bodmin Swine Genetics Inc. and Topigs Norsvin Canada Inc. announce strategic partnership

Bodmin Swine Genetics Inc. of Iona Station, Ontario and Topigs Norsvin Canada Inc. after several months of negotiation have reached a strategic partnership agreement. This agreement will allow Bodmin Swine Genetics to participate in the world-class genetics program of Topigs Norsvin. Topigs Norsvin will also bring sales and support staff to the customer base of Bodmin Swine Genetics.

President of Bodmin, Phil Smithcomments “Participating with a world leader in swine genetics is exciting for us as a company, as it will be for our existing customer base and future customers. We have great confidence in Topigs Norsvin being able to accelerate our Ontario based business. Having strong technical and sales support has always been the driver of our business and I am confident our customer base will benefit greatly from this partnership.”

Cam McGavin, General Manager of Topigs Norsvin Canada states “As a major player in the Canadian swine genetics business we are excited to form this partnership with Bodmin. The Smith family hass hown a long-term commitment to the swine industry and their commitment to excellence is second to none.

Bodmin Swine Genetics was incorporated in 1956 by brothers Charles, Ross and George Procter and is now owned by the Smith Family; Phil, Jane and three of their seven children Amanda, John and Abigail. Bodmin has been performance testing pigs for almost 50 years and has always recognized the importance of maintaining a high-health herd. Bodmin continues to focus on improving performance and profitability. Smith Seven Star Farms and Bodmin Swine Genetics are partners in the swine enterprise. Byhaving access to Topigs Norsvin’s world class R & D, this allows Bodmin and its customers to move to the next level.”

Source : Topigs Norsvin

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