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CPC Applauds Ground Beef and Pork Exemption From Front of Package Labelling Requirements

The Canadian Pork Council is applauding a decision by the Government of Canada to exempt ground beef and ground pork from new mandatory front-of-package labelling requirements due to take effect later this month. New Health Canada regulations for processed packaged foods, due to take effect July 20th, will require a symbol on the front of the packages warning if that food is high in saturated fat, sugars and or sodium.

Although the draft regulations would have required both ground beef and ground pork to be so labelled, under the final regulations both of those products are exempt.
Rick Bergmann, the Chair of the Canadian Pork Council, says last week's announcement  that ground beef and ground pork will be excluded from the new regulations is good news and he applauds the amendment.

Clip-Rick Bergmann-Canadian Pork Council:

Ground pork or ground beef, for that matter, is a single ingredient product.
It's a product that many people consume and they do that because it provides a good amount of nutrition and protein and also, it's an affordable product.

So, we're really pleased with the government of Canada, that they've listened to our sector's concerns and that they've reversed the policy proposal on ground pork.

The entire ag community has gotten together, including consumers across the country raising this issue with elected representatives and it's a great testament to how things work where elected officials can listen to the concerns and then they can right steer the ship as it maybe goes off course somewhat.

Again, the finalized regulations demonstrate a recognition of what consumers and producers know well and that's that products like ground pork are a natural source of protein that are important staples in Canadian diets.

Bergmann says, at a time when the grocery stores are having trouble keeping their shelves full due to the pandemic and with prices rising, consumers are looking for food products that fit their budgets and ground pork fits the bill.

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