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DuPont Pioneer Reveals its New Agricultural Services

“Encirca” Launched at the Precision Agriculture Conference in London, Ont.

By Amanda Brodhagen,

DuPont Pioneer’s timing was perfect.

An announcement was made at the Precision Agriculture Conference held in London, Ontario, on Thursday.

In a jam packed room full of some of the top growers in Ontario was the opportune time for DuPont Pioneer to launch its newest agriculture services called - Encirca.

“It’s really exciting to launch Encirca at the Precision Agriculture conference,” said Rachel Faust, Technical Marketing Manager for DuPont Pioneer. “We’ve got a bunch of innovative farmers in the attendance…this is the group that’s really going to uptake this type of service offerings,” she said.

Encirca provides farmers with a tool to access data and technology services to help manage crop decisions, with the ultimate goal to improve farm efficiency. The first phase rollout is called "EncircaSM View,” and in July the company said it plans to make available "EnciraSM Yield," which will focus on seeding, chemical usage and water management.

This marked one of two announcements that DuPont Pioneer made about releasing Encirca. It was also publicized at the Commodity Classic farm show in the United States.

DuPont said EncircaSM View services costs $150 a month, not including the $450 set-up fee. Growers are encouraged to contact their DuPont Pioneer representatives for more information.

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