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Soybean farming's tech evolution

Soybean farming in Ohio is getting better with new technology. Big equipment makers are also becoming leaders in tech. John Deere has a dream to farm without people by 2030. But making this dream real has challenges like good internet and safety concerns. 

The alternative fuel domain is witnessing a renaissance too, particularly in soy-based sources. The demand for soy biodiesel and sustainable aviation fuel has skyrocketed. Renewable diesel, sharing similarities with its petroleum counterpart, is now sourced from soybean oil.  

Forecasts suggest that renewable diesel production might soon soar to 6 billion gallons in the U.S., with soy emerging as the undeniable front-runner. Stringent low-carbon fuel norms further spur this growth trajectory. 

The surge in cover crops, an embodiment of sustainable agriculture, is propelled by programs offering enticing incentives. Helping farmers switch to these crops combines caring for the environment with farming. 

In terms of agronomy, the future appears promising with the introduction of innovative soybean varieties. New features that focus on where seeds go and fighting soybean pests are coming, which could make farming better and easier. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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